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Documenting Appalachia

Documenting Appalachia is a digital library devoted to the study and exploration of the Appalachian region.  Texts, images, audio and video files available through Documenting Appalachia are drawn from the rich resources of Appalachian State University’s W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection.  Developed in collaboration with ASU’s Center for Appalachian Studies, Appalachian Cultural Museum, and Appalachian Journal, Documenting Appalachia’s collections are chosen with guidance from the Appalachian Studies scholars and librarians who comprise its editorial board.  Documenting Appalachia is an ongoing project and new collections will continue to be added to the digital library.

Abrams Folksong Collection

The Abrams Folksong Collection consists of 400 digitized and transcribed folksongs collected by William Amos “Doc” Abrams (1905-1991), head of the Department of English at Appalachian State and collector, scholar and promoter of North Carolina folklore.

Greer Folksong Collection

The Greer Folksong Collection includes approximately 300 digitized and transcribed folksongs collected by I. G. Greer (1881-1967), collector and scholar of northwestern North Carolina folksongs.

Appalachian State University Historical Photographs Collection

The Appalachian State University Historical Photograph Collection is an NC ECHO grant-funded program to digitize approximately 7000 photographs from the Appalachian State University Archives. These include images of the University founders, presidents, staff, faculty, students, campus events, and buildings. The project staff carefully selected photographs from the General Picture File, the Brown-Scoggins Collection and the John Pritchett Collection.

Appalachian Ethnicity Resources

Appalachian Ethnicity Resources includes 79 digitized brochures and post cards from the Appalachian region. Items in this collection document the portrayal of Native Americans and African American s in Appalachia throughout the 20th century. They include postcards from the Cherokee Indian Reservation, brochures from theme parks, and government reports on minorities in Appalachia. The items come from the Appalachian Regional Brochure Collection and the Appalachian Postcard Collection, both housed in the W.L. Eury Appalachian Collection.

Beulah C. Campbell Collection

The Beulah C. Campbell Collection includes illustrations for children’s books collected by Appalachian State instructor Beulah Campbell during the 1970s and includes digitized works from twenty-eight award-winning artists. The images of artwork in the Beulah Campbell Collection are low resolution photographs of original illustrations. The illustrations were donated to the Beulah Campbell Collection, but Appalachian State University and Belk Library do not hold the copyright in these illustrations. The images are presented here to enable persons to obtain an overview of the Beulah Campbell Collection, and the images are for educational use only.

The Lumbee Indians: An Annotated Bibliography

The Lumbee Indians: An Annotated Bibliography is currently undergoing revision.