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Field Recordings, G - I

Welcome to the W. Amos Abrams Field Recordings Collection, songs titled G - I.

The recordings are listed in alphabetical order by song title. For several songs multiple variants are listed, each providing a unique version of the song.

"George Collins" Introduction - Dr. Abrams

"George Collins" - Dr. Frank C. Brown

"George Collins" - Frank Proffitt

"George Collins" - James York

"George Collins (George Coleman)" - Lena Warf

"Georgie" - Pearl Webb

"Georgie" - Mrs. James York

"Get Up and Bar the Door" - Mr. and Mrs. James York

"Girl I Love Don't Pay Me No Mind" - Carolina Ramblers

"Girl with the Flattering Tongue" - Burl Ives

"Glory in the Promised Land" - Jackson County Ramblers

"Going To Lay Down My Old Guitar" - Bradely Sisters

"Golden Willow Tree" Introduction - Dr. Abrams

"Golden Willow Tree" - Horton Barker

"Golden Willow Tree" - Nora Hicks

"Golden Willow Tree" - Mrs. James York

"Golden Willow Tree" - Juanita McSwain

"Goldilocks" - Mr. and Mrs. James York

"Grandma Grunt" - Clarice Burleson & Joe Palace

"Grandmother's Chair" - Herman Eggers

"Gray's Elegy" - Appalachian A Capella Choir

"Great Granddad" - Oby Johnson

"Green Gravel" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"Green Gravel" - Mrs. Laura Timmons

"Green Growing Tree" - Mrs. James York

"Green Grows the Green Laurel" - Mrs. James York

"Groundhog" - Ulus Parham

"Groundhog" - Oby Johnson

"Gypsy Davy" - Mrs. Ephraim Stanley

"Gypsy Fortune Teller" - Mrs. Avery Johnson

"Gypsy's Warning" - Edith Walker

"Hain't Got No Honey Baby Now" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"Hard Times, Boys" - Mrs. James York

"He Courted Her in the Month of June" - Mrs. Evans

"He Courted Her in the Month of June" - Mrs. James York

"Henry Martin" - Burl Ives

"Higher Up the Cherry Tree" - Ernest Bolick

"Hold to My Hand" - The Whittier Choir

"Home Sweet Home" - Hubbard Brothers

"Hook and Line" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" - Carolina Ramblers

"The House Carpenter" - Mrs. G.L. Bostic

"The House Carpenter" - Mrs. Belva Gregory

"The House Carpenter" - Mrs. Bessie Green

"The House Carpenter" - Beulah Greene

"The House Carpenter" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"The House Carpenter" - James McGee

"The House Carpenter" - Mrs. Nora Hicks

"The House Carpenter" - Mrs. James York

"The House Carpenter" - Pat Fry

"The House Carpenter" - Steve Church

"The House Keeper's Tragedy" - Oby Johnson

"The Hubbards Talk" - W.C. Johnson Family

"a-Hunting We Will Go" - Ruth Miller

"Hymns for Quartets" - Rock Springs Quartet

"I Am a Man of Constant Sorrows" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"I Love Life" - Moyer and Lucy Ayers

"I Love Little Willie (I Have Me a Sweetheart)" - Mrytle C. Venable

"I Love Little Willie" - Edith Walker

"I Love You Truly" - Mrs. Lillian Abrams

"I Love You Truly" - Mrs. Lillian Abrams and Cullen Johnson

"I Made a Covenant With the Lord" - Convention Choir

"I Need Jesus" - Mr. and Mrs. Johnson

"I Want to Hold My Savior's Hand" - Rock Springs Choir

"I Was Born in West Virginia" - Doyle Pruitt, George Waynick, & Bob Young

"I Went Out One Morning" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"I Wish I Was a Mole in the Ground" - Pearle Webb

"I Wish I Were Single Again" - Unknown

"I Wouldn't Have Him" - Miss Evona York

"I Wouldn't Have Him" - Mrs. James York

"I'll Be Back in a Year Little Darling" - Unknown

"If You Don't Believe I'm Leaving" - Otis Motes

"In 1869" - The Almanacs

"In a Little Cottage" - Lena Warf

"In a Little Rosewood Casket" - Lena Warf

"In the Time of My Childhood" - Burl Ives

"In the Valley" - Steve Church

"The Indian Convert" - Tipton Greene

"Instrumental Trio" - George Waynick, Doyle Pruitt, and Bob Young

"It Makes No Difference Now" - Uncle Mack Crow

"Ivan Skavinsky Skavan" - Burl Ives