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Field Recordings, J - N

Welcome to the W. Amos Abrams Field Recordings Collection, songs titled J - N.

The recordings are listed in alphabetical order by song title. For several songs multiple variants are listed, each providing a unique version of the song.

"Jack and Joe" - Edith Walker

"Jack and Joe" - Miss Pearl Webb

"The Jealous Lover" - Unknown

"The Jealous Lover" - Lena Warf

"Jennie Jenkins (Julie Jenkins)" - Mrs. Beulah Greene Miller

"Jennie Jenkins" - Ruth Weatherman

"Jennie Jenkins" - Mrs. James York

"Jesus Paid it All" - Rock Springs Choir

"John Brown's Body" - W.C. Johnson Family

"John Dillinger's Rag" - Uncle Mack Crow

"John Henry" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"John Henry"

"Johnny's So Long at the Fair" - Burl Ives

"Johnson City Blues" - Carl Story

"Kansas City Railroad Blues" - Carolina Ramblers

"Kentucky Moonshiner" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"King William was King George's Son" - Mrs. Laura Timmons

"The Lady and the Sailor" - Mr. and Mrs. James York

"Lass of Rock Royal" - Ernest Bolick

"Lass of Rock Royal" - Happy Sam Coffey

"Lass of Rock Royal" - Winnie Greene

"Lassie Where are You Going?" - Luella Shaw

"Lay Down My Burdens" - Carolina Ramblers

"Leap Frog John" - Mrs. Eliza Saunders

"Let Me Travel Alone" - Adee Choir

"Let My People Go" - Boys' Quartet

"Lexington Murder" - Mrs. G.L. Bostic

"Lexington Murder" - Uncle Pat Fry

"The Lion and the Unicorn (Jack Tale)" - Luella Shaw

"Listen to the Mocking Bird" - Osbourne Boys

"Little Emily" - Mrs. James York

"Little Emily" - Uncle Pat Fry

"Little Family of Bethany" - Lloyd Church

"Little John" - Mrs. Nora Hicks

"Little Lost Child" - Mrs. Nora Hicks

"Little Mathy Groves" - Edith Walker

"Little Matty Graves" - James York

"Little Mohee" - Burl Ives

"Little Mohee" - Edith Walker

"Little Mohee" - Herman Eggers

"Little Norie" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"Little Omie Wise" - Mrs. Avery Johnson

"Little Omie Wise" - Mrs. Eliza Saunders

"The Little Pig" - Herman Eggers

"Little White Rose" - Mace and Cullen Johnson

"Little Willie Weaver" - Mrs. James York

"Lone Pilgrim" - Mr. Tipton Greene

"Lord Lovel" - Mrs. G.L. Bostic

"Lord Lovel" - Dr. Frank C. Brown

"Lord Randall" - Mrs. James York

"Lord Randall" - Miss Pearl Webb

"Lord Thomas" - Aunt Becky Gordon

"Lord Thomas" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"Lord Thomas" - Horton Barker

"Lord Ullin's Daughter" - Mr. and Mrs. James York

"Love You Forever" - A.J. Smith

"Lover's Last Farewell" - Mrs. Ann Saunders

"Lover's Warning" - Mrs. Laura Timmons

"Lucky Jack" - Luella Shaw

"Maid Freed From the Gallows" - Steve Church

"Maid Freed From the Gallows" - Mrs. Avery Johnson

"Maid Freed From the Gallows" - Frank Proffitt

"Maid Freed From the Gallows" - Mrs. James York

"The Man Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn" - Uncle Pat Fry

"A Mansion Prepared in Heaven for Me" - Irene and Lousie Church

"Married Me a Wife" - Mrs. James York

"Medley of College Songs" - W.C. Johnson Family

"The Miller's Sons" - Ruth Miller

"The Miller's Will" - Horton Barker

"The Miller's Will" - W.C. Johnson

"Untitled" - ASTC Mixed Chorus

"Molly Darling" - Mrs. G.L. Bostic

"Molly Hare" - Mr. Osbourne

"Needle's Eye" - Mrs. Laura Timmons

"Needle's Eye" - Dr. Cratis Williams

"Never Place Your Affections on a Green Growing Tree" - Mrs. Laura Timmons

"No Letter in the Mail Today" - Carolina Ramblers

"Norwegian Hamburg" - Pete Taylor

"Nothing But the Blood of Jesus" - Mrs. W.C. Johnson