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"Drama at Appalachian"

In the first speech of the Dr. Abrams Speech Collection, listen to Dr. Abrams' words from a 1962 speech at the NCEA and AAUP meeting, held at Daniel Boone Inn in Boone, NC. This speech is presented in its entirety.

The speech begins with opening remarks and stories from Dr. Abrams. At around the twenty-four minute mark, speaking of Appalchian State Teacher's College, Dr. Abrams begins recalling "the high drama in the growth to greatness at this institution.”

  • Joining the faculty in 1932 and wrangling for a job.
  • Remembering the generosity of Dr. D.D. Dougherty.
  • Recalling a misunderstanding between students and faculty.
  • The first dance at ASTC.
  • Deciding the fate of a student caught stealing.
  • Sports and sportsmanship.
  • Honoring students fighting in WWII.
  • The need for connection between students and teachers.
  • The merits and necessities of teaching, in spite of opposition and seemingly elusive success.