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"The Holy Grail of Teaching: Lost or Found"

"With the ability to inspire,” listen as Dr. Abrams presents his speech, “The Holy Grail of Teaching: Lost or Found.” This speech was recorded on August 14, 1973 at the Guilford County NCEA Convention, held at the Greensboro Coliseum.

First, Mr. Pierce provides the introduction for Dr. Abrams speech. Next, listen to Dr. Abrams’ opening remarks and stories for the Guilford County audience.

  • The contradiction in terms of being “just a teacher"
  • The value of education and teachers


Next, listen as Dr. Abrams addresses the educators of North Carolina and Guilford County.

  • Despite the recent investments in education by the state, why are superintendents and principles concerned about the short-term future of education?
  • There is no substitute for good teachers
  • Finding the holy grail for teaching (recollections of teachers investing in the lives of students)
  • Standing at the potter’s wheel, how will your teaching impact the lives of your students?