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"Keepers of the Watch"

After a good-natured introduction by Jim Blanton, Dr. Abrams begins his after dinner speech, “Keepers of the Watch,” with a few opening remarks and stories. This speech was recorded on Friday, July 23, 1971 in Washington, North Carolina for the Public Relations Banquet, Beaufort County Technical Institute. It is presented here in two segments.

  • The story of Noah’s wife
  • Persistence by Mr. LaRue
  • The best introduction (The Apex story)
  • The Cornish hens story; the Gideon Bible story; the Episcopalian preacher


In the second audio segment, Dr. Abrams speaks of the need for keepers of the watch as the Beaufort County Technical Institute moves forward.

  • What sacrifices are made in order to be keepers of the watch? And why should they be made?
  • Improving and providing total education for all people: extending the opportunity for free education beyond high school
  • The adequacy of high school curriculum in North Carolina, and the second-chance possibilities for open door admission at community colleges
  • Education in the South by the year 2000?
  • Community colleges; where teaching is the answer, not research