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"Mocking Birds, Blue Jays, and Grass Seed Sparrows"

Speaking to the Horace Mann League in Greensboro, NC, Dr. Abrams presents his after-dinner speech “Mocking Birds, Blue Jays, and Grass Seed Sparrows.” The speech was recorded on Thursday, April 6, 1972 and is presented here in two segments.

In the first audio file, Dr. Abrams begins with an overdubbed introduction to the speech. In the speech, Dr. Abrams starts with opening remarks and stories.

  • The preacher and the three ladies
  • Salesman of the year
  • Stories from the witty wife of a furniture merchant


In the second audio file, Dr. Abrams, quoting Horace Mann, asks the audience, are we giving to those whom we teach the best opportunities to discover, develop and cultivate their God-bestowed, divinely chartered faculties? How well are we actually meeting the recognized needs of those whom we teach?

  • Community colleges, career education, and the world of work
  • Emancipating or dictating? The sweet singing but arrogant mocking bird that drives off other birds that likewise sing
  • The world of work: What is it?
  • Man does not live by bread alone