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"Tale Tales from a Short Editor"

On May 21, 1968, Dr. Abrams presented his speech “Tale Tales of a Short Editor” to the North Carolina Council of Red Men and Degree of Pocahontas in Wilmington, NC. The speech is presented here in two segments.

Dr. Abrams begins with opening remarks and stories:

  • The Noah story; Dr. Abrams’ raccoon coat; gambling on riddles
  • The man who didn’t have time to get away
  • The bravery of Moses Brown
  • The Gideon Bible story
  • Dr. Abrams’ first commencement speech
  • Whistling the Doxology


In the second segment, Dr. Abrams continues his speech with a few lessons learned but not from school.

  • “Plowing out to the end of every row”
  • The four steps of salesmanship
  • Holding hands tight, to see the Easter sunrise
  • Am I my brother’s keeper? A story of the selfishness in man