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"Unsigned Manuscripts"

Recorded on Sunday, October 17, 1971, Dr. Abrams presents the dedicatory speech for the Eggers Residence Hall at Appalachian State. The speech is entitled “Unsigned Manuscripts.”

In his opening remarks and stories, Dr. Abrams recounts his fondness for Boone, NC

  • The best introduction (the Apex story)
  • The covering-up capacity of the fig tree
  • Words of inspiration

Words of dedication for brothers Dr. Herman Eggers and Dr. Graydon Eggers:

  • Trout fishing with Dr. Herman Eggers
  • Impacting the life of a prospective student
  • Living life together
  • Dedicated teachers and friends, sons of Watauga County

The segment concludes with an overdubbed conclusion from Dr. Abrams.

  • (Left: Dr. Herman Eggers, speaking at the October 1971 dedication ceremony of Eggers Residence Hall; Right: Dr. Graydon and Daisy Eggers, circa 1960s)