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Advanced Searching: Date Searching

Date Search Box

The Search by Date option allows searching for keywords in selected fields with a date range limitation option. As with selected fields and proximity searching, selecting a specific collection will limit the fields offered in the fields drop down menu. Drop down boxes provide the ability
designate the type of keyword search (all of the words, exact phrase, any of the words, none of the words).

  • Enter the search terms in the search box, using the drop down menu on the right to designate the type of keyword searching, if desired.
  • Select the specific collection, and select the field the phrase would likely appear in. Not selecting a collection will simply search the selected fields in all collections.
  • Enter dates. The drop down menu on the right allows you to designate if you are looking for documents before, after, or on a specific date, or within a date range. If part of a date is unknown, do not select any month or day. At least one year is necessary for date searching.

NOTE: due to the construction of the CONTENTdm search engine, date searches require the exact date format found in the record. A search for an event on December 29, 1966 will be found entering the exact date of December 29, 1966, but will not be found when searching for December 1966 or
just 1966. In these cases, most dates appear in the description and title fields, and searching using the Selected Fields or Across All Fields search options will locate the documents.

NOTE: In this option, the Appalachian Ethnicity Resources does not provide date searching.




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