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For questions about the ASU Historical Photographs, please contact Pam Mitchem.


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Advanced Searching: Across All Fields Keyword Searching

Across All Fields searching

This page allows general keyword searches by specific collections, searching by specific phrases, or excluding keywords.

    • All of the Words: this box will search for each individual keyword with no regard for proximity. The phrase "Gentle Ben" will search for any instance of the words "gentle" and "ben" appearing in the same document, without necessarily finding the phase "Gentle Ben."
    • The exact phrase: This box will search for keywords in the text in the precise order in which they are entered. The search for "Gentle Ben" will only find "Gentle Ben" and not "gentle and friendly Ben."
    • Any of the words: This search will find any instance of all keywords entered, whether the document include all of them or just one. The search for "Gentle Ben" will provide documents with both "Gentle Ben," "gentle" and "Ben," and "gentle" or "Ben."
    • None of the words: This search will exclude any documents including the specified keywords. Entering "Gentle Ben" in this box will ensure that none of the retrieved documents include the words "gentle" or "Ben."

After entering in the phrase/words in the appropriate box, check the boxes next to the desired collection(s) to be searched, or "select all" to select all of the collections, and click the "search" link. If you do not select a collection to be searched, the search engine automatically selects all collections. If you wish to refine your search, click "search again" at the top left next to the search results. The search terms should remain in the search boxes, but the collections will have to be reselected.


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