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Appalachian State University Historical Photographs

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For questions about the ASU Historical Photographs, please contact Pam Mitchem.


Phone: 828.262.7422


Using The Collection: Understanding Metadata

"Metadata" is a Library Science term used synonymously for the information fields and descriptive data attached to a digital file. In the Historical Photograph Collection, information is entered into a total of twenty-four fields visible underneath the images in the CONTENTdm item viewer. The information titles and describes the image, assigns it subject search terms, dates, decades, the location of the original photograph, and technical details on the scanned image file, including the date it was scanned, file name, file size, dimensions, and format.

Record Metadata

Metadata Cateogry Descriptions:

Title: an arbitrary descriptive name assigned to each image

Description: A descriptive statement and any relevant contextual information about the image’s subject

Subject: controlled vocabulary terms to describe the image’s subject matter

Corporate Names: corporate entites represented by the image, including organizations, departments,
governments, cities, or counties.

Personal Names: the names of people represented in the image, including the fullest known name
of the individuals and their birth and death dates.

Place Names: names of physical places, usually buildings, in the image.

Date: known date when the photograph was originally taken

Date Range: decade(s) associated with the image’s creation

Creator: Photographer

Contributors: other people or organizations associated with the creation or development of the

Publisher: the organization publishing the image in the database.

Series: one or more of thirteen assigned subject categories best representing the image

Source: source of the image, including the collection and physical location of the
photograph or negative

File Name: name assigned to the digital file in the University Archives collection

Rights: copyright statement for each image

Type: file type or genre

Format, original: the type of source material, either photograph, negative, or slide

Dimensions, original: size of the original photograph or negative

Date Digitized: date the photograph or negative was digitized

Format, digital: the file extension or format of the digital file

Dimensions, digital: size of the image in pixels

File Size: size of the JPEG image file in kilobytes

Digitized By: name of individual who digitized the image

Sponsors: Statement of grant sponsorship

Project made possible by North Carolina: Preserving Cultural Heritage Online (NCECHO) through funds from the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and the Institute of Museum and Library Sciences (IMLS).