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Appalachian State University Historical Timelines
Academic/Departmental Events: 1970-1979


1970: College of Business is created.

1970: Independent study program and interdisciplinary program of honor studies introduced.

1970: Number of hours necessary to graduate with a baccalaureate degree is reduced from 195 to 183.

1970: Lighthouse Project launched in Watauga County Schools.

1971: Triple-T program created.

1971: Appalachian State offers specialist degrees in biology, educational leadership, higher education, and elementary education. The specialist degree was situated between the master’s and doctoral degrees.

1971: College of Business divides into four programs: Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, and the Department of Business, Economics, and Occupational Education.

1971: ASU joins UNC System as one of the sixteen regional campuses.

1971: Admissions partnership program created.

1971: Appalachian Consortium begins.

1971: Pre-nursing is added to the offered pre-professional programs in the General College. The program offers the first two-years of academic education required for a BS in Nursing. The additional two years have to be completed at another institution.

1972: Watauga College founded, and includes 100 freshmen, 20 sophomores, juniors, and seniors (both men and women).

1972: Appalachian Journal first published.

1972: Bachelor of Technology Degree offered.

1972: The Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation offers a BS degree in Health Education with teacher certification.

1972: "Women in History" course is offered.

1975: ASU shifted to semester system from quarter system.

1975: Hubbard Faculty Development and Instructional Services Center opened.

1975: 1st Cratis Williams Award for best gradate thesis is awarded.

1975: Warren Wilson Cooperative Project begins.

1975: Ecology is approved as a major in Community and Regional Planning in the Geography Department.

1975: The College of Education and Division of Human Resources are combined to form the College of Learning and Human Development.

1975: Students are allowed to change their decision to take a course on a pass-fail option through mid-semester instead of only in the first few days of the semester.

1976: Appalachian State’s Women’s Studies Program is founded

1976: Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematical Science with a Computer Science option is offered.

1976: College of Business is accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business.

1976: The Division of Complementary Education is founded with four programming components: Plemmons Student Union, Cultural Affairs, Living and Learning, and Student Development.

1977: New policy dictates that no course in a student’s major/minor field can be taken as pass-fail.

1978: Pre-theology is added to the pre-professional program in the General College.

1979: Watauga College offers a Women’s Studies minor.

1979: Center for Appalachian Studies and MA in AS established.

Late 1970s: Department of International Studies is established (office created early 1970s).




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