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Appalachian State University Historical Timelines
Administration/Faculty/Staff: 1950 - 1959


1955: June 30, 1955: B. B. Dougherty retires as president in June; James D. Rankin elected interim president.

1955: James D. Rankin retires as dean of College, becomes interim president; D. J. Whitener becomes dean of College.

1955: James D. Rankin retires as interim president in September; William H. Plemmons becomes president of ASTC.

1955: David Barnard Dougherty becomes vice-president and comptroller.

1955: Helen Birch retires as Dean of Women; Barbara Stephenson becomes new Dean of Women.

1956: Coach Edward C. Duggins retires as head coach; Robert Broome becomes head coach.

1957: Barbara Stephenson retires as dean of Women; Maxie Edmisten becomes dean.

1957: Co-founder and President Emeritus B. B. Dougherty dies.

1957: Librarian Emma Moore retires.

1957-58: Herbert Walter Wey becomes Dean of Graduate School.

1958: Herbert Walter Wey leaves to work at University of Miami; Cratis Williams becomes Dean of Graduate School.

1959: Coach Robert Broome dies.




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