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Appalachian State University Historical Timelines
Administration/Faculty/Staff: 1980 - 1989


1980: James Jones resigns as director of the Athletic Department in June. He is replaced by Clarence Gilstrap.

1980: Sandra Godsey becomes Appalachian State’s first female security officer.

1981: Hank Steinbrecher resigns as the Soccer Coach to take a position in Boston University.

1982: Richard Sorensen resigns as dean of the College of Business.

1982: Clarence Gilstrap resigns and is replaced by Jim Garner as director of the Athletic Department in the fall.

1983: Frank Bruno resigns as dean of the College of Learning and Human Development and is replaced by Dr. Ben Strickland.

1983: James Jackson resigns as dean of College of Continuing Education.

1983: J. Paul Combs becomes dean of the College of Business.

1984: James William Byrd becomes new Dean of College of Arts and Sciences.

1984: William Howard Plemmons dies.

1985: Cratis Williams dies.

1985: College of Education named in honor of Ed & Lois Reich ($1 million gift).

1985: Ronny Brooks, dean of Students since 1971, dies.

1986: Professor William Spencer retires from Department of Music.

1987: Dr. Pat Geiger is hired to work in the College Infirmary. She is the only female physician in Boone.

1987: W. Hoyt Safrit retires from the Music Department.

1988: Dayton Cole becomes University Attorney.

1988: J. Paul Combs resigns as dean of the College of Business.

1988: ASU Board of Trustees approves School of Music.

1989: Grant Davis becomes dean of the College of Business.

1989: Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Harvey Durham becomes University Provost.

1989: Football coach Sparky Woods resigns from Appalachian State.

1989: David McIntire resigns as vice chancellor for Student Development. He is temporarily replaced by Barbara Daye in January.



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