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Appalachian State University Historical Timelines
General Events: 1980-1989


1980: AppalCART begins operation in January with two buses.

1980: Students steal 960 trays from Food Service establishments in January-February for skiing.

1980: Neil Bush speaks at Farthing Auditorium to promote George Bush for president in April.

1980: Charlotte Observer cartoonist Doug Marlette speaks at Owens Field House in March.

1980: Residence Life Office is created.

1980: New Dorms A and B are opened to 380 students, despite having no installed kitchen facilities, washers and driers, or furniture, including beds.

1980: Appalachian State celebrates National Jogging Day on October 3 with a 12-hour 1,000 mile jog.

1980: Jazz musician Al Hirt and Dramatist Edward Albee appear in Farthing Auditorium in September as part of the Artist and Lecture Series.

1980: Boone Transit begins nightly bus runs to Blowing Rock for $2 round trip.

1980: Appalachian State Canoe Team forms.

1980: Little River Band and Rupert Holmes performs at Homecoming.

1981: Appalachian State celebrates Vocational Education Week.

1981: University Scholars Program begins.

1981: Boone mall opens in March.

1981: Activist Dick Gregory speaks at Appalachian State as part of Black Awareness Week in April.

1981: Alpha Phi Omega reforms on campus. The fraternity dissolved two years previously.

1981: Business fraternity Alpha Kappa Phi forms on campus..

1981: Chancellor's scholarships initiated.

1981: Exchange contract with Northeast Institute of Technology in China is negotiated for faculty and graduate students.

1981: Association for Appalachian Women organized.

1981: Mealbook system in the cafeteria is replaced by a declining-balance system.

1981: AppalCART system is expanded to provide public transportation for the town of Boone, organized by Appalachian State and Watauga County Department of Transportation.

1981: Due to overcrowding and overpopulation, many ducks from the Duck Pond are relocated to Hickory Lake.

1981: Dark Sky Observatory is opened off-campus.

1981: ROTC’s Pershing Rifles and Capers organizations begin selling concessions in Varsity Gym for basketball games.

1982: Cafeteria begins selling plastic sleds to discourage students from stealing trays. In 1980, the cafeteria reported the loss of $13,000 of trays due to student theft in order to use the trays as sleds.

1982:  A student is tried by the Student Judiciary for animal cruelty after killing and claiming to eat a duck from the Duck Pond.

1982: Board of Trustees terminates swimming and indoor track programs.

1982: AppalNet cable system is installed.

1982: Referendum to allow the sale of alcohol in Boone is defeated in May.

1982: Enrollment tops 10,000 (10,051).

1982: Touch Mime Trio performs at Appalachian State in October.

1982: The Outlaws and the Dregs perform at Homecoming. The concert loses a record $11,860.

1983: Kappa Alpha is suspended in March until January 1984 for hazing violations. The suspension was lifted in December 1983.

1983: Over 9000 students enrolled; 600 faculty.

1983: The Daniel Boone Hotel is demolished to make way for condominiums.

1983: Food Services and Pet Dairies constructs the largest chocolate sundae in North Carolina in May, including 45 gallons of vanilla ice cream, four gallons of chocolate syrup, and four gallons of whipped topping.

1983: A costumed Yosef replaces the traditional bearded Yosef.

1983: A $25 computer fee is added to the student activities fees.

1983: The Compass Club is established on campus.

1983: Trailways bus service cancels morning run between Charlotte to Boone due to lack of use.

1983: Mike Cross performs at Farthing Auditorium in September.

1983: Hugh Kaufmann, director of the Environmental Protection Agency Toxic Waste Program, speaks at Farthing Auditorium as part of the Artists and Lecture Series in September.

1983: The Safe Roads Act raises the drinking age for beer and fortified wine from 18 to 19 in October.

1983: In September, Appalnet computer system is announced that will allow students and administrators to access academic information systems across campus. Dormitory access for personal computers is expected by 1984.

1983: Cheap Trick performs in Varsity Gym in October.

1983: Homecoming parade is held without floats due to the damage they inflict on the track in Conrad Stadium.

1983: NASA Windmill is removed from Howard’s Knob.

1983: Kappa Alpha Psi is established on campus in October.

1983: Environmentalist Barry Commoner speaks at Appalachian State in November.

1983: Traveling evangelist James Gilles speaks to a crowd of approximately three hundred students on Sanford Mall in December.

1984: SGA starts an escort service for students walking alone at night in February.

1984: Dave Brubeck Quartet performs at Farthing Auditorium in February.

1984: Journalist Karl Grossman speaks at Farthing Auditorium in February.

1984: Satellite link with State's public schools is initiated. Uplink allows educational programming to be broadcast to other schools unable to attend workshops or visit in person.

1984: ASU purchases Winn-Dixie on the northeast corner of campus, renovates it, and reopens it as a night club named H’Appy’s.

1984: The College of Learning and Human Development becomes the College of Education.

1984: Appalachian Neo-Marxist Alliance forms on campus.

1984: Former KGB agent Vladimir N. Sakharov speaks at Farthing Auditorium on U.S. and Soviet relations in October as part of the Artists and Lecture Series.

1984: Boone Cablevision removes MTV from its programming in October due to its appeal only to people under the age of 25. It is reinstated two weeks later.

1985: A late January cold wave drops temperatures in Boone to 22 degrees below zero with a -75 degree wind chill.

1985: Subway sandwich shop builds world's largest sandwich on Sanford Mall.

1985: Appalachian Popular Programming Society forms.

1985: Russian Clowns Tanya and Yury Belov perform in the Broyhill Music Center in September as part of the Performing Arts Special Series.

1985: Conservative Phyllis Schlafly and attorney Sarah Weddington debate current events in Farthing Auditorium in September.

1985: The Romantics perform at Homecoming.

1985: Military affairs expert Andrew Cockburn and conservative William Rusher debate the Star Wars military defense program in Farthing Auditorium in November as part of the Artists and Lecture Series.

1985: SGA starts the Mountaineer Escort Service for student protection after dark.

1985: Wellness Center established.

1986: Shuttle Challenger explodes in January.

1986: Varsity Cheerleaders win National Cheerleading Championship in January.

1986: In March, a town referendum allows the sale of beer in Boone for the first time since 1949. The referendum also allows the creation of a Boone ABC Store.  Blowing Rock passes referendum on the same day to allow the selling of mixed drinks.

1986: Online preregistration is offered for summer courses.

1986: The Bangles and Hoodoo Gurus perform in Varsity Gym in April.

1986: An AIDS Advisory Council is formed to inform students about the disease in April.

1986: Boone restaurants approved for beer and wine sales in April.

1986: Drinking age is changed from 19 to 21 on September 1.

1986: Food and drink prohibited in Belk Library.

1986: Athletic Department begins drug testing athletes.

1986: Boone gets 911 telephone service in October.

1986: 75 students protest Appalachian State’s investments in South Africa in September.

1986: The Other Big Apple Road Race is held on campus.

1986: Mountaineer football team wins Southern Conference championships.

1986: Alpha Kappa Alpha organizes on campus.

1987: Author Alex Haley speaks at Appalachian State in February.

1987: SGA President is made an ex-officio member of the Boone Town Council.

1987: Joan Jett and the Blackhearts perform at H’Appy’s in April.

1987: Radical Abbie Hoffman speaks on student activism at Farthing Auditorium in March.

1987: New income tax law classifies scholarships and most grants over $600 as taxable income for students.

1987: Divestment Week is held in April by students, faculty and staff, including lectures, fasts, picketing, and protests against Appalachian State investments in South Africa.

1987: The College of Business is placed on accreditation probation by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business for lack of published faculty research and inadequate amount of faculty with doctorates.

1987: WASU changes from Top-40 format to Album Oriented Rock/Progressive Rock format in August.

1987: Nine blue-light emergency phones are set up around campus during the summer.

1987: Library replaces card catalog system with computer terminals.

1987: The baseball field is renamed Red Lackey Field.

1987: The Duck Pond is renamed Tomlinson Park.

1987: Anti-terrorist and guerilla warfare expert Yaron Svoray speaks at Farthing Auditorium in September.

1987: Alcohol Awareness Week is held in October at Appalachian State.

1987: Satirist P. J. O’Rourke speaks on South Africa in Farthing Auditorium in November. 

1988: Jimmy Buffett and the Cheap Vacation Band performs at Appalachian State in February.

1988: Alpha Phi Sigma, honor society for criminal justice majors, starts on campus.

1988: H’Appy’s is renovated and renamed Legends.

1988: Conrad Stadium is renamed Kidd Brewer Stadium.

1988: The Dougherty House is moved off campus to State Farm Field during the summer.

1988: The Bavarian Inn is transformed into a food court.

1988: Chicago performs in Varsity Gym in September.

1988: Skateboarding is banned on campus.

1988: Appalachian Express Card accounts are started.

1988: Comedian Steven Wright performs at Farthing Auditorium in October.

1988: SGA approves condom dispensers in ASU public restrooms in December.

1989: Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait performs at Farthing Auditorium in January.

1989: Campus raises minimum wage from $3.35 to $3.85 an hour in the fall.

1989: Dougherty House is sold to Appalachian Heritage Museum and moved to Mystery Hill.

1989: Recycling program is created.

1989: Hurricane Hugo passes through Boone, causing floods and a sinkhole in the Legends parking lot.

1989: 38 Special performs in Varsity Gym in September.

1989: Mikhail Gorbachev and George Bush declare an end to the Cold War in December.


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